Finitec Expert
Commercial varnishes and finishing products for residential, commercial and sports floors.

Finishing system for wood floors and soft flooring

Finitec Expert is a professional manufacturer and LEED grade finishes, dyes and sealers for residential, commercial and sports floors

& Commercial

Commercial floors

Why choose Finitec Expert?

Waterborne finishes and
waterborne stains

Healthy for you
and the environment

Over 25 years
of experience!

Efficient and
sustainable products


Optimize the quality of your projects with high performance finishes


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What they say about us

I have trust in the products and all my clients without exception have been satisfied. A big thank you to the professionalism of Mr. Simon Roberge, always concerned to offer a superior service. He perfectly understands the needs of a sander/finisher since he was one before. Your products give me confidence and reduce stress to satisfy my customers.

Alain Dumoulin,


I am very satisfied with the quality of Finitec Expert finishes as well as an excellent customer service. Their skills demonstrate their expertise in this market.

David Duclos,


We love Finitec Expert finishes and we have an excellent service with you.

Yan Locas,


Finitec manufactures high end products that meets professionals’ expectations. Their products are reliable and efficient and improve our execution time. Our customers appreciate all their benefits but mostly the final result. Furthermore, we can count on Finitec Experts’ representative collaboration who offers an outstanding service.

Sylvain Gagnon,


We have had a business relationship with Finitec Expert since we established our business ten years ago. Over this time, Finitec Expert has developed and released many new and exciting products, which have continued to meet all expectations. Their customer service, in the person of Jeff Cowx, is another strength. He has all the attributes of an excellent representative: great communication skills, product knowledge and a wealth of practical experience. We’ve finished hundreds of wood floors over the years and have never had any issue with Finitec Expert products. We would definitely classify Finitec Expert as a professional line of finishing products and would recommend it to everyone.

Dale Murphy,


We have been using Finitec Expert’s products for many years. There has been very few problems with their superb products, and any time anything has come up, their dedicated team was there to help us as soon as we needed, providing expert advice and quality service. I would and do recommend finitec Expert’s line of products to anyone who asks, and I supply and recommend all of my customers to use the finitec cleaning system – it is proven and effective!

Greg Szalony,


Doing business with Finitec Expert is easy. Excellent customer service. Quick delivery. Good quality products. Their technical team is always available. In brief, a good business partner!

Claude Mathieu,


Finitec Expert offers excellent customer support. There is a lot of information on their website. For my part, I really like working with the Ex-Duo+ finish.

Luc Gosselin,


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