Respect drying and curing times

To ensure optimal performance, it is IMPORTANT, ESSENTIAL, if not mandatory, to

respect the finish’s required drying and curing times.

Refer to the finish container for drying times required before walking on your floor, putting furniture and carpets back in place and washing your floor.

To protect the lasting beauty of wood floors:

  • Use felt pads;
  • Prevent dust and sand accumulation;
  • Vacuum or sweep the floor regularly;
  • Avoid contact with water;
  • Do not use all-purpose cleaners;
  • Use rugs in doorways;
  • Control humidity and temperature;
  • Regularly cut the claws of your pets;

Wood floor enemies

Wood floors are acknowledged for their beauty and their warm appearance. Usual floor cleaners leave streaks, marks and residues that damage and deteriorate your floors. Some enemies of hardwood floors are:

All-purpose cleaners :

Avoid washing wood floors with non-specialized cleaners as they contain detergents, and surface active, caustic or alkaline agents that will modify the floor’s sheen. These cleaners leave a residue that traps dirt.

Water :

Excessive quantity of water will infiltrate between the boards and in scratches deteriorating the finish and discolouring the wood. Make sure spills are quickly mopped up.

Vinegar :

A few years ago, vinegar was recommended for cleaning wood floors. This acidic liquid however prematurely ages the floor’s finish.

Wax :

Oil soap cleaners and waxes leave a greasy, oily film that will lead to surface build-up and leave your wood floor sticky and hard to maintain and restore.

Others :

Avoid perfumes, glass cleaners containing ethylene glycol or ammonia, highly alkaline cleaning products (bathroom cleansers, detergents, degreasers), hydroxide-based products (sodium, potassium, phosphate), or products containing bleach or ammonia.

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