1- How to clean my floor to leave no trace ?

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FINITEC cleaners leave no trace and no residue when used in sufficient quantity. However, several factors such as cleanliness of the dust sheet and the floor may affect the effectiveness of the cleaning. The dust sheet must be washed before use. Never use fabric softener. The fabric softener leaves a greasy substance on the dust sheet, marking the floor. Always use a clean dust sheet. The dust sheet should be changed every 23 to 28 m² (250 to 300 sq ft) or when saturated with dirt or cleanser. All-purpose cleaners leave a residue that must be removed in order to clean thoroughly. Use Surface preparation FINITEC (not for use on ceramic and natural stone) to remove oily residues left by these cleaners and then doing regular maintenance with FINITEC cleaners. To learn more, visit www.finitec-inc.com or contact our customer service at 1 888 838-4449.

2- How often should I use FINITEC cleaners so that my preservation is done effectively?

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As FINITEC cleaners leave no trace and no residue , do the maintenance as often as you feel the need . Get yourselves spare dust sheets and make sure to always clean your floor with a clean dust sheet. To find a retailer near you , visit www.finitec-inc.com, in the " Where to Buy" , or contact our customer service at 1 888 838-4449.

3- Why should you avoid cleaning your floor with an all-purpose cleaner?

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Some general purpose cleaners leave a residue or greasy film on the floor thereby trapping dirt . Others make the wood gray and dull to the floor finish. The FINITEC cleaners are specially designed to leave no trace or residue and keep the luster of your finish or laminate flooring.

4- Are your products harmful to children , animals or the environment?

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No. The FINITEC cleaners are biodegradable and phosphate-free , so they are safe for you, your family members and the environment .

5- Are containers used by Finitec Canada recyclable?

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Yes, the containers are recyclable. Finitec Canada is environmentally responsible and highly recommend you to recycle. Place containers in designated areas for this purpose.

6- Where can I find the FINITEC products ?

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They are available across Canada. Visit our "Where to buy " tool on our website www.finitec-inc.com to find the retailer nearest you or contact our customer service at 1 888 838-4449.

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