How to find the right sander/finisher?

Here are some tips to help you hire a sander/finisher for your home.

  • Pay attention to the word-of-mouth : good experiences lived by someone close to you (friend, neighbor, family) can give you some indications on your choice.
  • Verify professional’s references : how long he has been in business? Will he perform the work himself? Does he have the proper/required licenses? Can he provide references?
  • Verify the quality of work with past customers : it may be interesting to get in touch with past customers to talk with them directly and verify the quality of work done.
  • Pay attention to details : you need to have a good feeling/contact with the sander/finisher, to feel he is competent and experienced and make sure you feel that he wants to be working with you.
  • Be specific on your expectations : the sander/finisher needs to get detailed and clear information about the work you want him to do. This way, the estimate will be accurate and the work to be done will meet your expectations.
  • Compare estimates : it is preferable to get estimates from at least three sanders/finishers and to compare them. Be sure the content of the estimate is similar and be careful with estimates too high or too low.
  • Review the whole contract : validate what kind of finish will be used, how the work will be done, how much time the project will take, when and how the professional will be paid, etc.

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